Special solutions

In addition to rental and sales of our standard machines, TopTec Benelux is able to deliver machines that are adapted to the needs of the customer.

This flexibility and adaptability is particularly useful in the nuclear industry, in which extremely strict conditions and regulations must be met.

Demolition and dismantling

TopTec Benelux works together with A.M.G. bvba: professionals that have a complete machinepark at their disposal to bring the most sophisticated demolition work to a success.

A.M.G. bvba is, in addition to its years of experience, known for working round the clock and the ability to get to the client’s premises at the same day. More information can be found on the website of A.M.G. bvba

Training center

In our warehouse in Kemzeke, training is given to technical staff. Here, the machine is explained on the merits so that you as a customer can save the necessary time and money on maintenance and repairs.

For the training of operators, we prefer an on-site training so that we can teach useful information specific to your situation. This training is adapted to the level of the operators.